Seekers Book Series - Book 1 - 6

By Erin Hunter

The Seekers books are about a group of bears and their lives and adventures. The Seekers books are written in a way that makes you keep reading to the end. I liked all the Seekers books and I wrote a summary, a review and a rating of each of them. You can also find out how many A.R. points you can earn for reading each Seekers book. Please click on the titles below to read my summaries, reviews, ratings and to find out about the A.R. points for each Seekers book.

Seekers Book 1 - The Quest Begins

Seekers Book 2 - Great Bear Lake

Seekers Book 3 - Smoke Mountain

Seekers Book 4 - The Last Wilderness

Seekers Book 5 - Fire in the Sky

Seekers Book 6 - Spirits in the Stars



To read a professional book summary / book review of the Seekers Book Series  click on the link below:

Wikipedia book summary / book review of Seekers










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