Hi! My name is Harrison and I live in Azle, Texas. I won the Accelerated Reader (A.R.) competition at my school when I was in 3rd grade in 2011 and I won again in 4th grade in 2012. It was so cool to win!  On this website I review, rate and offer a summary of A.R. books for children and young adults that I have read.  I also link to professional reviews of the books and I tell you how many A.R. points you can get for reading each book and you will find Reading Level information. The idea is to get A.R. reviews, summaries and ratings from a kid (me) for kids.  I am adding more A.R. books to my list all the time, so check back with my website later if you can't find what you are looking for.  You can also check out my mini biographies of several authors, each bio includes a list of the author's books. Please check my A.R. book lists for reviews, summaries, ratings and for book titles, then have fun reading a book and collecting A.R. points!!!


Book Rating System:

I rated the A.R. books by 1 - 5 stars

* Bad Book!

**  O.K. Book!

***  Worthwhile Book!

****  GOOD Book!

***** Fantastic Book!



A.R. stands for Accelerated Reader. It is an online program used at schools, where students get tested on how well they know the book they have read. Most books included in the Accelerated Reader program are children and young adult books. After reading a book you take the A.R. / Accelerated Reader test where you have to answer questions about the book. Each A.R. book has a certain number of points you can earn for reading it.  If you answer all questions correctly you will get 100% of the A.R. points. If you get some questions wrong you will get less points, you have to get at least 60% of the questions right to get some A.R. / Accelerated Reader points.



Reading Strategy: My reading strategy is to read Accelerated Reader books that I enjoy, that is why many of the A.R. books on this site get a good rating.  Usually I know after about 10 pages if a book is for me or not, if it isn't I tend to move on to a different one.  But if I realize that I don't like a book after I have already read a large part of it, then I try to finish it anyway.  It seems easier and more enjoyable to read four Accelerated Reader books worth 10 points each, than one book that is worth 40 A.R. points but isn't fun to read.  The best case of course is a great A.R. book that also gives you a lot of points.  Some kids  just go for the books with a high number of A.R. points, read through them  and collect their A.R. points that way.  That is good too. Try to find out what works best for you!



Easy A.R. books with a lot of points!

Kids often ask me if there are easy to read A.R. books that give you a big amount of points. I thought about it and came up with some examples of books that seem to be a good value (not that many pages, easy to read and many points).

1.) Eragon: This is a great book for points, you can earn 25 A.R. points, it is a nice, easy read and has about 500 pages.  

2.) Goosbumps Books: You can earn between 2 and 3 points per book, they are easy to read, have  around 120 pages per book and you can probably finish one in 1 to 2 hours (depending on your age).  This could make you 15 points in a week, if you only read one a day (Monday-Friday).

3.) The Hunger Games Books: Great books and a good value for 15-16 A.R. points for 370- 390 pages.

4.) Harry Potter Books: These books are fantastic and you can earn tons of A.R. points. If you get addicted to them (like I did), then reading them is not just fun, because you can also earn up to 44 A.R. points for one of them (the 44 pointer has about 870 pages thou (:

5.) Pendragon Books: A great value with 18 A.R. points for "Pendragon: The Merchant of Death" for only 370 pages.

6.) Percy Jackson and the Olympians Books: Easy to read, between 9 and 13 A.R. points per book. The books have between 280 and 380 pages.

7.) Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books: You can earn 3 A.R. points for each easy to read book (about 200 easy pages, includes drawings). You can read one in about one hour.

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A big THANK YOU!!! to my Mom who helped me a lot to put together this webpage.

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